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The Griffin heritage is deeply rooted in ingenuity. We build trusted, forward-thinking products that protect and power your tech, maximize utility and are made to last. This has been at the heart of our brand since we were founded in 1992. Innovations that are not only purpose-built and of the best quality, but innovations that also make life better. And we continue to produce category-leading designs that demonstrate sleek craftsmanship, are created in-house and tested inside and out. We have reliable, durable product collections for a wide range of lifestyles and professions—whether our products are being used at home, on the go or in the field. Moving into the future, we are focusing more on creating eco-considered, sustainable products by integrating sustainable methods and materials into our products, as we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for sustainability.

As it stands today, the Griffin brand is split into two defined categories. ‘Griffin’ continues to focus on power and connectivity innovations and products, while ‘Survivor’ is our rugged protection brand focusing on creating protective solutions for a wide range of devices.

The Survivor brand has been designed to offer rugged protective solutions to accommodate for those who love to explore and adventure, as well as those out on the front lines who need an extra level of protection for their device. This drives us to create the toughest protective solutions, in the slimmest and most practical form possible.

Griffin. Engineered for the front lines. Used by everyone.